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the_dark_place's Journal

Just a normal night
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Welcome to my City.

It's hot and sunny during the day. The best place to get a tan. We've some of the best beaches out there. There's great shopping, funky music, a fantastic art scene, you want something, you'll find it here. We've even got some really fine single men, or women....
Dusk falls over the city and the party starts, we've got cops out on patrol keeping an eye things making sure all is well and right and everyones having good clean fun. Theres night clubs and disco's, gallery openings, movie premieres, astology clubs.

Of course thats all on the surface, underneath this shiney surface is a seedy under tone. Violence and crime. Death and Dispair.
Least we ain't got magic and supernatural to deal with. You want that go find your way too Jean-Claude's new place or hell find yourself a Hogwarts. You won't find magic here.....

Also, remember, we have villans and nasty nasty people around. You could be murdered beaten......

On to the boring bits, the Rules, no Under 18's (players, Characters that are under 18 are not allowed in adult situations with in the community) Put ratings on a post. If you want the post to become adult putting an R rating will let players know what their getting into as well as readers.
The players and moderaters DO NOT APPROVE of real life violence. THIS IS A GAME PEOPLE!!!!
All Characters belong to their rightful owners.